Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sitting in my room
With nothing to do
Then all of a sudden I see ur face
And I envision the spots where ur lips left a trace. Feening for ur warm embrace.
Your touch, your feel, your kiss, your taste.
You got me thinkin how there is no time to waste.You can be my king and I'll be the ace. The queen is below me. And I want the victory. But gotta take it slow cuz 08 is the year of the great. So with that said I gotta make you wait. I kno I like u but I don't want u to be mine tomorrow or today. But mayb in the future when the sky isn't so grey. And once I get to kno u everything will be ok. We both getting older so there are no games to play. Once we both realize then in ur arms I'll lay. But until then by myself is where ill stay..

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